Heavy Duty Truck Alternators have to work harder, not only to keep up with increasing electrical loads in today's trucks, tractors and construction equipment, but also to meet the demands of lower-emissions engines that have created a hotter environment under the hood.

Heavy Duty alternators are key elements on these types of machines. Our products include a whole range of alternators for trucks, buses, forklifts, earthmovers and other heavy equipment. Our heavy duty alternators meet all the quality standards and are guaranteed to deliver the best results.

The Automotive Alternator is part of a mechanized charging system which works together with the battery to produce power for the electrical components of the vehicle.

A properly rebuilt alternator is as good as a new alternator and can cost significantly less than purchasing a new one. Rebuilt alternators also perform the same as new units.

We have facilities to test and diagnose vehicle alternators on site or remove from site for bench testing and repairs. We can also supply new or service exchange alternators for most makes of vehicles.

Automotive Starters have to deliver a lot of torque for cranking vehicle engines in all conditions. In cold weather, battery drain and oil viscosity take their toll on the starter motor. In hot weather, starter heat can lock up an weak starter . Either way, you're not getting anywhere if your starter motor decides to give up the ghost.

We have new and remanufactured starters available, or we can remanufacture your starter. We offer a quick turn-around time on all remanufactured units to get you back on the road ASAP. All of our car and truck starter motors meet rigorous quality standards and are guaranteed to work with your application.

AFB offers Industrial Starters with a wide range of outputs for industrial applications. Our experience and up to date technology combine to provide starters capable of withstanding the toughest environmental conditions.

AFB offers extensive application coverage for new and remanufactured heavy duty starters. Each unit goes through a rigorous remanufacturing process to meet our strict standards. Any component that does not meet our stringent specifications, it is replaced with a factory-new component.

Marine Starter motors are sealed to prevent sparks reaching the bilge where combustible gases may be present. This is an ever-present danger in boats propelled by gasoline engines. A marine starter motor is constructed with an internal shielding designed to contain sparks and stray electricity that can invade the bell housing or bilge where gasoline fumes may be present. Also this shielding protects the back half of the starter motor from salt air moisture and contaminants which would otherwise reduce the life span of the boat's starter motor.

We thoroughly test all our marine starter motors to ensure the integrity of all shielding and seals so that they are completely ignition-protected.

While the Lawn and Garden Starter has been designed to fit into a much smaller space than its automotive counterpart, it still must deliver comparable cranking power and performance in all types of environmental conditions in a wide variety of machinery.

AFB can remanufacture your starter to the same exacting standards as with automotive starters. We thoroughly test our remanufactured starters to ensure they will provide top performance in the most severe of conditions.

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